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vins château Marquis de Terme
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Our wine estate

A local dandy

Did you know that Margaux takes its name from the very nature of its soil? The Gallic “margan” meaning “marly”. This exceptional terroir brings together the largest number of Grands Crus Classés thanks to its well-drained soils, where the wine can take root up to 5 meters and allow a good feeding during dry periods.

Marquis de Terme wines are the result of a work of listening and observation of nature. The harvest is sorted in the wines, then on the table before vatting the grapes by plot (plot vinification). Alcoholic fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled concrete vats before maturing in oak barrels for 16 to 18 months. Everything is thought out to obtain wines in the image of the Marquis de Terme: delicate, elegant, balanced and genuinely modern.

Modernity and openness

In order to obtain wines that today make Marquis de Terme reputation, we regularly question all of our methods. Our objective is to modernise our cellars and winemaking structures without denaturing the soil and by controlling our ecological footprint.

Our teams aimed at the same objective for Marquis de Terme wines : make them unique, to the image of the estate by giving them a touch of modernity.

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