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château Marquis de Terme

The audacity of an estate that crosses the centuries …

Because we cannot talk about Marquis without telling its story, let us guide you and go back in time with us… (And promise, you won’t take one wrinkle!)


Brand birth

Marquis de Terme’ story begins in 1762, when Miss Ledoux d’Emplet, wife of François de Peguilhan Marquis de Terme, giving him as a dowry the estate which will henceforth bear his name.


The imprint of the Feuillerat

In the aftermath of the French Revolution, multiple families will take turns. Nevertheless, one of them will leave a deep impression in the history of Marquis de Terme : for more than 120 years, the Feuillerat Family will manage the estate before becoming the owner. Thus, 3 generations will take turns who will never stop improving the estate’s wines. Thomas Jefferson, future 3rd president of the United States, stays a long time in France where he is the ambassador from 1785 to 1789. He also acts as wine broker and writes travel diaries in the great French wine-growing regions. He thus stays at Château Marquis de Terme in 1787 and classify it among the top 16 best wines he has ever tasted.


The excellence of a Grand Cru Classé

Napoléon III decided to organize the universal exhibition in Paris, official committees are responsible for selecting products and work of art for exhibition. In order to honour the wines of Bordeaux, a classification is requested. That is how Marquis de Terme joined the circle of the Grands Crus Classés 1855.


The Sénéclauze’ passion

Pierre Sénéclauze repurchases the property and conveys it to its sons, Pierre-Louis, Phillipe and Jean, actual owners.


A new era looking to the future

The owners appoint Ludovic David to the board of directors of Château Marquis de Terme. This change is the starting point of a new area for the estate. Numerous innovations and a new dynamism are brought to enhance the exceptional terroir of the Marquis de Terme wines.


The birth of a new vintage: Marquis de Terme Cuvée 1762

The birth of a new vintage occurs with the excitement, curiosity, and emotion of creation. With the 2018 vintage, my team and I wanted to give a new meaning to our blending choices, a search for balance between subtlety and suppleness to create Cuvée 1762. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot find here, on our terroir of deep gravel, a development of great distinction.

Today and tomorrow To radiate the Marquis’ state of mind

Marquis de Terme has lived through the centuries and seen owners of different cultures. Meeting place, events and exchanges, the estate combines with excellence the rigour of work and ancestral know-how with creativity, lightness and open-mindedness.
The estate’s teams have at heart to create exceptional wines and to radiate the Marquis de Terme state of mind!


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0 Grand Cru Classé


Winegrowers’ secrets

Ludovic David joined Château Marquis de Terme as chief executive in 2009. Oenologist from Cherbourg, he succeeds Jean-Pierre Hugon who remained in office for 36 years. His ambition ? To project the estate into the 3rd millennium and open it up to wine tourism and international tourism. For that, he rolls up his sleeves and launches a major policy. Planned, uprooting, replanting, redesign, castle opening… Today, Marquis de Terme is more than ever turned towards the world.

A land of character

Located in the heart of the village of Margaux, Marquis de Terme wears gracefully its range of Grand Cru Classé. Situated in a central location, its 40 hectares of gravelly soil typical of Margaux pebbles are planted with noble grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot which make the international reputation of the Medoc wines. When we mention Margaux and its land, the first words that come to mind are grace, finesse, delicacy. Moreover, the appellation has the largest number of Grands Crus Classés, of which Château Marquis de Terme is one.


They are good at they do, they are nice, they are working every day to make great wines, here is the team of Marquis de Terme! Bold, innovative and rigorous, these women and men are passionately involved every day in cultivating Marquis’ state of mind

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