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Longue vie au 7e Art !

Friends, as you already know, I am fond of festivities, especially outdoors, on sunny days. In addition to the convivial Afterwork en Médoc, which I was telling you about last month, imagine my joy when I learned that the property was hosting a dinner at the summit on July 10th, which is described below…

“In my capacity as Marquis, I have participated in many sumptuous festivities for which I confess an immoderate taste, as a cheerful luron that I am. So, do you think, when I was announced a dinner in honour of the « Vendanges du 7e Art », I did not dampen my enthusiasm! As I was already imagining, to my delight, what festive outfit and powdered wig I was going to wear, chosen from my impressive wardrobe, a question full of common sense suddenly popped into my mind. If the title of the evening sounded eminently good to my ears, I really did not know what it was all about… I was in a hurry to solve the mystery, so I began to snoop about the property in search of a wise informer.

In my quest for the Grail, passing in front of the shop, I came across the gentle Marine, the castle’s wine tourism and communication assistant. So, I set out: “My dear, I heard that a high-flying reception was coming up on 10th of July. Very precisely that the property was hosting the jury of the “Vendanges du 7e Art”, I explained. Only, if this party seems quite delicious to me, I have to concede that I don’t have a shred of a clue what it is all about… Can you enlighten the spirit of the modest Marquis that I am, please?”

After listening to me attentively, she immediately asked me: “Marquis, you have already heard of cinema, haven’t you? ” I nodded in agreement, and confirmed to her that I had discovered this fabulous invention at the Cannes Film Festival, when the exquisite director Ludovic David and the no less exquisite Sandrine Chamfrault went to the red carpet to make the colours of the estate shine.

It was then that the evidence struck me: but of course, cinema is the 7th Art! Amused, the young woman smiled at my discovery of the day. She goes on to explain: “Every year for the past five years, the international film festival in the Médoc, called “Les Vendanges du 7e Art”, has been held in Pauillac. For five days, it offers film screenings in theatres or in the open air, stars from the small and large screen come to Pauillac to meet the public during various events, and a jury of actors and comedians choose the international prize and the young audience prize from among the films presented in previews. »

Thanks to Marine, the light radiates from me: there is no doubt that it is this jury that has been invited to spend an evening in the castle under the stars. So I looked forward to Wednesday, July 10, and when that day finally arrived, I spent a delicious and spiritual summer evening at the table in the company of “stars” (that’s what they are called in the language of Shakespeare, but personally, I prefer to remain true to Molière’s!).

During this meal with these shining “stars”, therefore, scrutinizing my wig and my evening dress, the lovely Zoé Felix asked me, with a thoughtful look on her face, if I was planning a performance on the stage in the evening. I replied that I hadn’t planned anything like that in such a short time but was nevertheless amazed by her talent as a keen observer. How on earth did she find out that I used to be a very good public speaker?!

Apparently charmed by my legendary charisma and verve, the talented Christophe Lambert and Michel Hazanavicius offered to set me up as the main character of a future blockbuster (I had to content myself with a heartfelt thank you and smile, before inquiring about this barbaric term to measure the immeasurable potential they suspected in me!).

As for the vivacious François-Xavier Demaison, finding my personality “atypical and flamboyant”, and my “charming humour”, in his own words, he was sounding out my desire to create with him a “two-men show” between gentlemen.

Do not let it get out, but I do believe that this evening under the stars in the park of the château marks my birth as the rising star of French theatre and cinema!

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