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The Marquis’ trio of good resolutions for 2019

My dear friends, first of all, I wish you an excellent year 2019, which will be marked by joy, happiness and of course… wine!

You and I know each other well from now on. As a reliable individual, there’s no way I’m abandoning you in 2019! I will always be your eyes and ears to share with you my fabulous discoveries and other wine favourites, and to tell you in secret about the new projects of Château Marquis de Terme. As with every new vintage, it is time for good resolutions. And yes, just because I’m a Marquis doesn’t mean I can escape it! In the presence of witnesses of morality (yourselves), I’ll take three (no need to be greedy) and I intend to stick to them!

Getting back into sport It would seem, according to some uncharitable (or realistic, go figure) souls, that I have accumulated a certain amount of weight. It’s true that I’m having trouble closing a few buttons on my satin jacket, I must admit, to my great dismay. A man of action, I decided to get back into sports. Life being well done, the castle Marquis de Terme organizes Saturday, February 9, 2019 the 2nd edition of its trail and its Nordic walking at night, in favor of the association “Les Liens du Coeur”. I will therefore be at the Château in Margaux, at 6.30 pm sharp, the starting time of the run and walk, with my wig tied to avoid the unsightly frizz and my headlamp in place. But I still hesitate: I do not know if I try the 13 km of the trail or if I stay wise with the 8 km Nordic Walking … Challenge or no challenge? That is the question! You will know my choice in the February chronicle, open your eyes and good, but in the meantime, for all the info, and to have the honor to compete with me, come register online before February 1 here (the undecided will always have the opportunity to register on site subject to availability).

Make me the inspector of the finished work on the property No slacking off in 2019! I want and demand that the property that bears my name be a jewel of the Margaux appellation with an ever-glowing brilliance! The vat room and the cellar, already finished, are of very fine workmanship, which augurs well for the vintage to come. As for the terrace in front of the shop, it is taking on a pleasant appearance, making me dream of my future summer sunbathing. The new restaurant in the body of the chateau, as well as the new seminar room a few steps away, are in their infancy, but I am confident, looking forward to the spring for completion. Until then, gentlemen masons, apply yourselves, for I will be uncompromising!

Try out the new wine tourism features of the property I was telling you about it in December, the Marquis de Terme castles are not short of ideas to innovate in the field of oenotourism. As one singer I discovered recently, since my return to the living, would say, “and it goes on and on, it’s just the beginning of a deal, okay! ” I’ve been told in confidence about the upcoming arrival of new vehicles on the property. Trucks? Tractors? Revolutionary lawnmowers? No way! E-Coco! Excuse me?! Yes, I had the same reaction as you… It’s exotic, but what is it? Listen (or rather read) carefully. They are electric scooters, at the pace between a scooter, a moped and a Harley-Davidson. Four of these vehicles will take up residence in the château’s “stables”, and will be available for hire to take a ride around the Margaux vineyards with a nose to the wind.

Let’s go, my friends, embark with me on a very promising 2019 vintage!

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