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In the Marquis’ hood

Now it’s time for the festive season, and with it the eternal question: what can I offer to the many members of my large family?

To help you in this quest? I put on, in harmony with my powdered wig, my Santa Claus beard! Wohohoho!

Under the decorated and illuminated branches of the Christmas tree, I predict… a mountain of delicious gifts! How can I tell you this with such aplomb? Quite simply because I hope that I have contributed, through my humble and wise advice from the Marquis, to some of the packages wisely awaiting their time!

To make an impression on the most discerning amateurs, or to introduce all the bottles of Marquis de Terme, the property’s inventive teams have prepared two exquisite boxes of the most beautiful effect, as beautiful on the outside as on the inside.

I am already personally totally won over (in all objectivity) by the box of two bottles “My favourite vintages”, jealously sheltering the great wine “Marquis de Terme” 2015 and its little brother “Couronne” 2012 (90€).

You now know us well, always inclusive and generous, we think of all Epicurean tasters. So, in addition to this duo of wines, we have also concocted “aux petits marrons” (a circumstantial variation on the expression “aux petits oignons”) a limited edition “Prestige 2006 boxed set”, “De Margaux à Fort de France”.

What lies beneath this flowering name is good for the journey, but somewhat mysterious? Here too, two bottles, one of Marquis de Terme, the other of… rum (200 €)!

Yes, my friends, for those who do not yet know, the château, in collaboration with the HSE company, produces its cuvée of rum, a divine nectar aged for eleven years in Martinique, which is finished in Bordeaux, in the barrels previously used to age Marquis de Terme.

Now with these brilliant gift ideas in mind, you ask yourself (with the sweet hope of avoiding overcrowded shops on Christmas Eve) :

« Where do you get these wonderful boxes? »

Nothing could be simple! Come and pay us a little visit directly at the Marquis de Terme castle. The shop will be open at extended hours during the Christmas and New Year weeks, from Monday to Saturday inclusive (except 25/12 and 1/01) for visits and tastings, but also for any last-minute purchases (I can hear you breathe a sigh of relief!).

Keep your eyes open as you pass by, and you may come across a Christmas Marquis, all dressed in red, his wig and white beard waving in the winter wind!

Château Marquis de Terme, 3 Route de Rauzan, 33460 Margaux

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