1st of July 2021

[Au] Marquis de Terme

Discover our restaurant in the heart of the Margaux vineyards

The Château Marquis de Terme, Grand Cru Classé 1855, partners with the chef Grégory Coutanceau to open its restaurant « [Au] Marquis de Terme ».
Very first restaurant within a Margaux estate, « [Au] Marquis de Terme » offers a unique experience, a true concentrate of the French art living, where wine, gastronomy and conviviality compose a perfect score.

By Grégory Coutanceau

The restaurant is on two floors with a view of the open kitchen where you can observe and admire the cooks’ work.
A private lounge of 10 places is specially arranged on the 1st floor in order to enjoy an intimate space.
Located in the heart of the estate, the restaurant benefits from a terrace with an extraordinary view of the vineyards and the Margaux lands.

In numbers

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restaurant seats

restaurant seats
on terrace

The terroir according to
the Marquis

The menu designed buy Grégory Coutanceau is a perfect match between the maritime terroir of La Rochelle and the wine-growing and agricultural terroir of Bordeaux and the Médoc. These regions marked by a rich history bring their share of unique products. Let us take you on a gastronomic experience where history and terroirs come together.

“ We want a restaurant open to all, a place of sharing and conviviality in harmony with the welcome at the property, a meeting place between regional cuisine and Margaux wines. The chef Grégory Coutanceau, by his humanity and professionalism, fits perfectly into this project to carry out the promotion of the French culinary heritage on our beautiful terroirs of Bordeaux. A marriage between cuisine and wines for the pleasure of the greatest number.”

Ludovic David, Chief Executive Officer of Marquis de Terme

Marquis de Terme

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