Last month I spoke to you of my desire to marry in a just marriage, inhabited as I am by the emotion of love. In order to charm the one who could become my half, I decided to reveal the extent of my romanticism in poetry as we approach the delicious feast that is Valentine’s Day. To you, my future sweetheart, if you read these words.

My sweetheart would be…

Beautiful as a cabernet berry under the summer sun,

Adorned with wavy hair like the twigs of an intertwined vine,

It has a milky skin that even the herbs in the vineyard would dream of touching,

The face so lovely that all the men on the estate would envy our passionate love.


My sweetheart would be…

Radiant as the habit of a stainless steel tank with silvery reflections,

With curves as bewitching as those of a lovingly crafted barrel,

Sparkling like a must with fermentation just beginning,

Delicious, sincere and whole, like a wine that has been nobly matured.


My sweetheart would be…

Spirited like a freshly bottled vintage,

Strong as a wine of character with powerful and velvety tannins,

Sensual as a nectar with the sweetness acquired by the patina of years.


Certainly one of the most beautiful vintages that Marquis de Terme has ever created!